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Oil Advantage
Assured Oil Integrity At A Glance

Assured oil integrity at a glance with continuous oil monitoring.
The Oil Advantage Continuous Oil Monitoring System provides fast real-timeLarger Image 29k monitoring of the condition of your oil. The in-line oil monitoring system is easy to install and has a simple to read display. It combines the two-step method of sampling and analysis into a single automated process by continuously measuring the indicators of oil wear, providing affordable assurance of optimal oil performance.

The Oil Advantage uses a differential signal to achieve a unique, calibration free signal that reflects the true wear condition of the oil. A direct measurement of the oil is compared to a measurement across an ionically charged polymeric bead matrix to determine the wear condition of the oil's carbon backbone. This unique operating methodology enables measurement of the leading indicators of oil wear including oxidation, soot, and water contamination.

An easy to read LED displays the condition of the oil. A 4-20 mA current output, a 0-5VDC output and a serial (RS-232) data stream is provided to monitor the signal by external computer.

Oil Advantage is highlighted in the April issue of Sensors Magazine and on their website. Oil Advantage has been developed for specific applications; Oil Advantage Heavy Duty for rugged applications and Oil Advantage Hydro for detecting water contamination.

Features and BenefitsLarger Image 42k

Save on maintenance costs, warranty expenses and minimize equipment downtime
Optimize oil change intervals
Accurately measures oil degradation
Reliably detects excess soot and water contamination
Save on routine analysis
Continuously monitor oil condition
No calibration required
Yes / No indication of oil quality (LED's display up to 4 levels of quality)
Save on ease of installation
Compatible with all oil types and viscosities
Functional at temperatures up to 150°C
Complete retrofit kit


  • Gasoline Engines
  • Diesel Engines
  • Transmissions Turbines
  • Transformers
  • Gear Boxes
  • Vacuum Pumps

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