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Oil Sentinel
Protect Your Machine Tool Investment

Protect your machine tool investment with visual maintenance. The Oil Sentinel is a continuous oil monitoring system that installs directly in machine tool and industrial processing equipment to continuously monitor oil through visual maintenance. In addition to offering significant advantages to planned equipment maintenance, the Oil Sentinel provides preventative advantages, extends lubricant life, and preserves the performance and longevity of equipment.

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The Oil Sentinel system continuously monitors and displays the following conditions:

  • Oxidation - indicates wear from corrosion and excess friction by measuring oil breakdown (acid buildup) and loss of lubricity.
  • Water Contamination - indicates lubrication film breakdown from excess water.
  • Temperature - indicates excessive heat of the oil by measuring a relative difference in ambient to reservoir temperature.
  • Level - indicates a proper supply of lubricant by measuring the absolute level of the oil in the reservoir.

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The Oil Sentinel system features the following measurement capabilities:

  • Continuous monitoring capability provides optimal preventive maintenance.
  • Continuous real-time measurement provides immediate results allowing for quick reaction to problems.
  • No standards or external calibration is required allowing for easy operation.
  • Comprehensive kit includes all parts necessary for easy installation
    Rugged, shop-hardened design provides for trouble-free operation
    Low cost makes it affordable for multiple machines.

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