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Optimize Additive Package Performance

Optimize additive package performance with continuous oil monitoring. The Oil Insyte Continuous Oil Monitoring System with in-line sensing capability is ideally suited to measure additive package performance and accelerate development of new oil formulations in gasoline and diesel engines. Measuring the leading indicators of oil wear in real-time at temperatures up to 150oC under GF-4 or PC-10 like conditions ensure compliance with tougher emission standards and fuel economy requirements. A unique operating methodology that does not require calibration and is independent of an oil's viscosity & composition provides a common scale for easy side-by-side comparison of results taken months (or even years) apart and assigned a relative order of performance. To see how Oil Insyte detects soot contamination in oil, view our simulation.

This in-line system operates under actual test conditions without the need for calibration and combines the two-step process of sampling and oil analysis into a single efficient step as described in our press release.

Two systems are offered. The first one measures oxidation and additive depletion. The second measures soot contamination.

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Oil Insyte offers continuous in-line oil monitoring.

  • Ensure minimum exhaust emission requirements with two systems that measure additive depletion/oxidation and soot contamination, both measured in real-time.
  • Optimize resources by directly comparing additive package performance under actual test conditions without operator intervention. Temperatures up to 150°C. No more sampling and analysis.
  • Save time with easy setup and operation. Specifically designed to fit test facility engines. No standards or calibration required. Compatible with oils of different composition and viscosity's.
  • Assured operation with an innovative technology that utilize the electrical properties of an insoluble polymeric bead matrix. A measured change in the beads electrical properties result when their interactive behavior adjust to a change in the solvent properties of the oil.

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