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PALO ALTO, CA - August 10, 2004 - Reserve Systems, a leader in oil recovery equipment for the mining industry, has chosen the Oil Advantage oil quality sensor by Voelker Sensors (VSI) for their oil monitoring requirements to extend oil change intervals and prolong equipment life. VSI uses innovative technology to create an oil quality sensor that provides feedback about salient oil properties including oxidation, additive depletion, and soot contamination

Reserve Systems manufactures the finest systems for oil level control, oil/fuel metering and blending, and automatic fill control for all lubricating or hydraulic oil fill points. "We evaluated several sensors and decided that solution provided by VSI was a superior fit for our needs", said Richard Nelson, of Reserve Systems. Along with standard products for fill control and oil blending, Reserve Systems designs and manufactures specialty systems to meet end user needs and specifications. To find out more about Reserve Systems, call (661) 256-2275, fax (661) 661-4979, or visit their web site at www.reservesystems.net.

In addition to offering significant advantages to routine equipment maintenance, the Oil Advantage System can extend drain intervals, detect catastrophic failures and preserve the performance and longevity of equipment. "Optimizing the oil change process with the Oil Advantage System is an effective means of controlling service costs, warranty expenses, catastrophic events, disposal fees and environment demands" stated Joe Hedges, president of Voelker Sensors.

Voelker Sensors Inc. is a sensor manufacturer, headquartered in Palo Alto California. The company develops and markets in-line fluid sensor systems that continuously monitor the integrity of the fluid. Product systems measure water / soot contamination, additive depletion, oxidation, temperature and level of lubricating oil for the industrial equipment, transportation, stationary refrigeration and electrical generator markets.


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